What is ROTEX?

ROTEX are former exchange students who volunteer to help the Youth Exchange Committee to plan and execute activities with inbound and/or outbound students.  They are there to help share some of their experience as an exchange student, with students who are starting (or about to start) their exchange experience. ROTEX are a vital resource to help our program grow! They are the Rotary Youth Exchange Experts!

All ROTEX over the age of 18 are considered adult volunteers and must complete an Adult volunteer application. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

If you or your Rotary Club are interested in getting involved with the Rotary Youth Exchange program with District 5495, please invite a ROTEX to your club for a presentation! Reach out to us via the contacts page and we can partner a local ROTEX with your club. 


Welcome Home 5495 Outbounds!

Job well done on successfully completing your Rotary Youth Exchange year! Your journey has exemplified what it means to be an ambassador with Rotary International. Your experience is incredibly valuable in shaping our District's Youth Exchange program, to become better for future years to come. 

Your first year home is called your Rebound year. It is mandatory for all Rebounds to attend Rebound Retreat. This overnight Rebound Retreat is to share your experiences and provide feedback as a group, to help overcome reverse culture shock and "picking back up where you left off". 

All Rebounds are encouraged to stay active with the ROTEX group and join us for District events - i.e., Inbound and Outbound Orientation, District Conference, holiday events, and other interaction with programs like RYLA, Rotaract, and Interact sponsored events. Check out our calendar to get updated information on events!