Becoming a Host Family

The success of the Rotary Youth Exchange program depends completely on families who are willing to open their hearts and their homes to become a family for the student who arrives from another country. Rotary works hard to try to secure three families for each student.  This plan allows the students to enjoy meeting more people and experiencing different lifestyles and personalities.  It also ends up being a shorter commitment time for each family. We have found that teaming the families up as a co-parenting group has really helped the student have an extraordinary year, and provides some  flexibility for the unexpected things that happen. The responsibilities of a host family include helping the student successfully manage school, follow the Rotary rules, the rules in your family, feed them, and treat them as a valued member of the family.  There will be ups and downs, happiness and homesickness, and lots of great memories at the end of the year.  You will grow and stretch and forever you will have another family member. Life with a teenager is never easy, but it can be wonderful and rewarding.  Rotary provides a youth exchange program because world peace happens one person at a time.  You can be part of that plan.  

Get to know someone new.  Volunteer to host an exchange student.  Make a new life-long friend.