You know I think a lot about the year I spent abroad. What would it be like if I never went and wasn't a year behind schedule?

Well the answer I always find is that I don't want to know. My year in Poland taught me a lot and I had experiences I could never replace. I met new friends and got a new family that I am extremely thankful for. But even more than that is what "being behind a year" did for me too. I took my time and learned work ethic, found a sense of financial responsibility and developed new interests. I made friends I never would have expected and discovered raving, which opened up a world I never would have imagined would mean so much to me.

I guess what I mean is if I ever had the chance to do life over I'd do everything the exact same way.Type your paragraph here.

Dallas, went to Poland, 2012-13

This year has been unbelievable. I have been able to experience things that most people won't get to in their entire lives- I've been to nearly a dozen countries, learned another language, made friends from all over the world, became familiar with a new culture, and found a second home. I'm so, so thankful to be given such an amazing experience.

Kat, went to Switzerland, 2014-15

On this very day exactly a year ago I was arriving in Phoenix, which later became my second home. Thanks to many people, I had an amazing year, I was able to take the most out of my opportunity. Today I can say I really know America. I also know what it's like to be on your own, and yet surrounded by people who give so much of their lives to make your experience the best it can be I know what it's like to avoid a whole sentence because you don't know a word. What it's like to try something even if you know you don't like it, because you have to try everything. And then try to do the Rotary Smile, because you shouldn't lie, but you also want to be respectful. I know what it's like to say yes to pretty much everything, even if you're exhausted, because you know that the best stories will come from the most unexpected events. I know what it's like to be the image of the country you're from, and to change people's mind about that country. What it's like to be the one to break stereotypes. Also what it's like to be the one who wants to enjoy every single moment, because that year will inevitably have an end. And not accept the end. I know what it's like to belong to two countries, to have your heart divided in two different continents.

Thanks to many people, I had the best experience, and wouldn't think twice before doing it again. And again.

Aline, came from Brazil, 2012-13
Such nostalgia today. To say I miss Belgium is an understatement. I would like to go back, yet I know even if I do it won't ever be like it was the year I was there. I don't just miss the country, but I miss all the people that were there! I miss the fries! The beer! The waffles! The chocolate! Brussels! Trains! Buses! Speaking franglais! Yet instead of being sad that it no longer is my life, I am so grateful to say I experienced such a unique year! Tu me manques trop Belgique!) BISOUS! ♥

Stephanie, went to Belgium, 2010-11
The exchange life teaches you so much about not only a foreign country and culture, but also about yourself and the people you love. I'm so grateful to share this experience with awesome friends!  Today was a good day

Dyana, went to Taiwan, 2013-14


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