The Rotary Youth Exchange Program has been active for over 50 years.  Each year Rotary Youth Exchange sends about 8,000 high school students on the adventure of a lifetime.  They go to another country (mostly in Europe, South America, or Asia) where they live with host families while going to school.  Are you ready to give it a try?

Why Rotary Youth Exchange?

There are many exchange programs to choose from.  Rotary Youth Exchange is one of very few exchange student programs that are not out to make a profit and rely on volunteers.  The costs are low, and Rotary provides more support to students than most other programs.

Welcome to an amazing year!

Your future is waiting with Rotary Youth Exchange.   

Host Families

​Are you interested in possibly hosting an exchange student for three to six months?

Adult Volunteers

It takes a dedicated group of volunteers to manage our program.  If you want one of the best volunteer jobs anywhere, join us.

The Adventure Begins



Rotary Youth Exchange offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a full school year